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Happy Wednesday, Everyone! I hope your day is going better than mine. I’m currently blogging from the living room floor where I can keep an eye on my little lurker who is now rocking the “Cone of Shame.” Other than that, everything is peachy. It’s Day 2 of being back to the Vegan way of…


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Introducing Our Little Lurker

Happy end of the 3 day weekend, Everyone. This weekend has been an interesting one. Over a week ago, Troy and I put in an application with a Rescue Foundation named Fridays for a little grey cat. We were among 3 other applicants and weren’t sure if we would be chosen because we were second to…


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I’m a little late in the game for a Monday post, but better late than never. This blog post is coming to you from my kitchen floor, where we have yet to get a table. Yes, I should be doing this from my new beautiful basement office, but I’m cooking and need to be present.…


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New Gym Update

Let me tell you 3 things that are purple. My hair. My nails. ALL the workout equipment at my new gym. Yep, I just signed up for Planet Fitness. And I knew their main color was purple, but I didn’t think I’d walk in looking like the damn mascot. Workout Troy started work at his…


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This Is Rock Bottom

(This post was written after a much needed pep-talk from my amazing Fiancé, Troy. Thanks, babe.) Hello, wonderful people. How long has it been? A few weeks, I believe. I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately… Lately began while trying to adjust to life in Connecticut. Let me catch you up on my 2017:…

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Inspired: Less of More

Have you ever read something and felt completely inspired by it?  I slept at my friend’s place during the day after my graveyard shift and a grueling 2hrs  waiting for DMV to open. When I finally crawled into her son’s empty twin bed, which was covered with Dinosaur sheets, it took awhile to calm my…


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Morning Ladies and Gents! I’m officially moved out of my apartment and earning my degree at the Squaters University. My poor Camaro is full of things that were left over in my apartment, which I’ll drop at our storage unit Saturday. Until then, I’ll be sleeping at a friends and working. Saturday is the beginning…

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